Short Term Renters vs. Long Term Renters

A Baker’s Dozen of reasons why short term renters are better than long term renters: 


  1. Owner’s invest, reinvest and maintain the appearance and exterior of the property to ensure they get better reviews and ratings

  2. Owner’s generate income which ensures the up keep of the yard, pool, jacuzzi and other amenities that attract vacationers and increase reviews and bookings.

  3. Owners maintain and ensure the interior of the home is well maintained and decorated to ensure its appeal to the public.

  4. On average the home is professionally cleaned 8-10 times per month after the guests vacate . This ensures the home is clean for next guests. This keeps mice,rats and pests away.

  5. Short term renters/vacationers do not bring boats,rv’s, broken down cars/cars on blocks and trailers on vacation. Driveways are filled with functioning vehicles.

  6. Owner’s get damage deposits and credit cards from guests therefore ensure that any damage to properties interior or exterior is paid or including any damage to neighbors properties. 

  7. Owner’s get damage deposits and credit card to ensure that guests adhere to guest policies such as noise or parking restrictions . Owner’s can “fine” guests for any noise or parking violations.

  8. Loud pets and or other disturbances by short renters is short term . Neighbors aren’t stuck with long term renters that have loud barking dogs or for ever fixing their cars in the driveway

  9. Owner’s install cameras on the exterior of the property to ensure safety and ensure short term renter adhere to the rental policies.

  10. Short term renters can be evicted “legally” the same day/hour of any state law, federal law or rental agreement violations. The state does not protect them as it is not their primary residence. Long term renters on the other hand are protected by the state as it is their primary residents.eviction can take sometimes as much as 12 months 

  11. Owner’s and Airbnb / Homeaway websites vett short term renters to ensure quality vacationers and ensure they have credit cards on file . 

  12. Short terms renters adhere to home rules and policies as their credit card number is on file and their online reputation is at stake.

  13. Cities receive direct revenue from the collection of 10-15% Occupation Tax, similar to that of hotels and motels. These revenues can be used towards imporving neighborhoods and life within the city for residents. 

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